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Established in 1980 with a small plant manufacturing Refined Guar Gum Splits and Guar Meal, we are now a leading exporter of Guar Products.

Welcome to the world of Shree India Chemicals, a successfully running organization and propelled for delivering only and only quality products. We have a wide experience in manufacturing and exporting a large variety of guar gum that comprises of GUAR SPLIT GUM, GUAR CHURI, GUAR GUM POWDER, and GUAR KORMA. Currently we are dealing with Indian market and also in the process of embedding our fingers in international market.

We have been doing this business from over four decades now and we have a team of over 60 people which are involved with heart and soul into the day to day operations of the company, right from purchasing of guar seed at open auction in the market yard each lot is visually and physically verified by our purchase officers before dispatching to factory. In the factory thorough cleaning of the guar seed is undertaken by automatic plant there by removing all foreign material. Thereafter cleaned guar seed is sent for crushing to be converted into our main product i.e. GUAR GUM SPLITS and two by products GUAR CHURI and GUAR KORMA, which are basically cattle feed. Throughout the process quality of guar seed and finished products is closely monitored by our lab technicians and machinery operators.

Regarding sales we have two sales officers who manage the entire sale of products in India to various buyers who are, either in direct contact with us or through a chain of brokers. On the other hand we do our all operations of manufacturing our products with the help of spacious infrastructure, in-house manufacturing facilities, quality department, skilled and intellectual professionals, state- of- the- art machinery and imported technology helps us in performing well and enhance our strength through which inspire us to live up to the expectations of our clients. Furthermore Indian government has standardized the physical and chemical values of guar gum split to which we have to adhere to, though we constantly try for upgrade quality of our products. Guar gum split that we manufacture has no end use.

Industrial Grade Products

Shree India Chemicals supplies guar gum powder and other products for a range of applications in industry sectors including construction, textile, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paper, oil well drilling, mining and explosive.

Food Grade Products

Shree India Chemicals is a major supplier of guar gum in the food sector. The company supplies guar gum for its use in ice-cream, dairy products, bakery, soups, gravies, noodles etc.

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